Background & Objectives

Alpine Fresh Water System Limited is the most modern water purification plant in Bangladesh.  With a hope to provide purified drinking water to household and corporate customers in 5 US gallon jars. Established in 1995 by three British, one Canadian, one US and one Bangladeshi citizen and financed by IPDC and IDLC of Bangladesh Limited. We purify water at international standard which may be compared to any other renowned water purifiying company in the world!

Purification Process

Our position is very clear about water purification and the complexity associated with it. The machinery, we use, are most modern and sophisticated and are extensively used in all latest purification plants in USA . The technology, employed in our plant is, most up to date and specifically engineered to suite our environmental conditions and our water. We may mention here that, any appliance, unless specifically calculated to suite our environment that may cause more damage than apparent benefits. Click Here to find out more on our 7 step purification process

Customer Service

Our customer service team provides personalized attention to all your queries. A comprehensive record is maintained about each customer on our integrated computer network making it easier for us to comprehend your situation at the time of your call. Our qualified and helpful executives are also available to discuss in person your needs and requirements for water. One phone call can put you in touch with our professional.